App looks perfect in I phone preview but awful on android

Is there a way to make the app look the same on all phones even if it means big empty boarders?

this is the difference in views if that helps.

Correct me if I am wrong…
I have had the same issues and I feel your pain. One way to turn around this is to leave each button in its own space. A better alternative is to make the fonts smaller and adjust the letter spacing. I would also like to point out that you have to keep enough space for the buttons by reducing the width of those lines. I recommend you adjust the first just next to the viewport borders and the second 5px away from the first

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I think its possible to make it look the same, but that may not translate to it looking good.

I think one method is to use percentages of the viewport height and width instead of specific values so it adjusts to screens correctly. Viewport height is a value you van define as a system variable and it is already available. You could also use percentages of static numbers to keep it consitent, but this would mean not all devices look good.

Another option is to duplicate the app and make a copy for android, then a seperate for ios (though this means double the work in the future for updates).

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