App Monetization - Manually

Hi there!

I read all the topics about monetizing an app but I still have a doubt. It’s possible to edit files manually to add the Google AdSense JavaScript code into a deployed Web App? If yes, where should I start researching? I mean, which file I should edit to accomplish that? If I have some directions I can work on that and bring a tutorial for us.


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Hmm, you can get the zip from the web app downloaded in the Build Service, if you manage to put AdSense into that, it might work if you upload and host it yourself, but I have absolutely no idea where you would even start :sweat_smile:

Just to bring another angle to this; AdSense and other monetization methods are things we want to bring in to the platform as first-class citizens, so full support is planned.

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were you able to figure it out?

Answered here.