App name change is not implemented


I recently changed the name of the app from “OG App” to a new name “OG Practical Exam Companion”. The new name is showing in the top left box of the composer and also during the configuration for publishing.

The generated aab file is uploaded on the Google Play console. Interestingly the new name is showing correctly on the name of the app after successful publishing on the PlayStore. But, the new name is not showing (beneath the icon on the phone) after downloading the app from PlayStore. I already contacted play help.

They suggested the following

In your currently published APK, this element is currently pointing to the “app_name” string defined in the strings.xml file in your Values folder in your app’s Resources. You may either update the manifest with the correct name or, you may update all strings.xml files in all the Values folders to ensure that the correct name displays for all locales.

For more information, please see the following: <application>  |  Android Developers

Kindly guide me to address the issue.

Hi all.
I’m facing the same problem. Can you help me?

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