App not loading, endless loading

When I try to open my app it gives an ifinite loading error. There is just a spinning wheel that just endlessly spins. I have tried to rollback but when I do i get some error messages. here is the error message I get.
CONTEXT: Selector App, TIMESTAMP: 1606246507102, MESSAGE: Cannot read property ‘params’ of undefined TypeError: Cannot read property ‘params’ of undefined at at Object.getStateForAction ( at M ( at () at at Object.getStateForAction (

Hi! Check the page parameters on any page/pages that are open when you open the app (the first page and any other pages in the navigation menu). Perhaps you are trying to open a page without parameters, or something else odd is happening. Also check that the first page you open has a hide spinner logic attached to the page mounted event.

Thank you Mevi. The problem is fixed.

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i don understenand i have same problem can u recoed how u fixed it and send