App not loading on either IOS or Android appgyver preview

@Mevi My app has not loaded for two days now. gives me the. Here is my app Number 204779

below error, Please help.

I get this message if you device is not connected to the internet/appgyver blocked by network firewall…

Thanks for the response @Johannes.
What’s funny is that my other two apps work. So it might not be the internet connection. It is just this one app that has this forever loading with that error message.


if your app does not have auth, please check that all the page(s) have allow access without login enabled. Does the app work on an older version? Do you still have hide spinner logic on each page from page mounted (better to have it)?

My app is doing the same. It doesn’t get to the login page. It just spins. Was working fine until 2 days ago. App #: 193128. What do you think? @Mevi

This has not been solved for me too @Mevi I have authentication and I have done what you suggested buy In vain.

Hi! Spinner issues should be fixed in 2.6.5, out in beta now and publicly this week I hope :thinking: