App not loading

Hello to one and all.
I am getting the spinning wheel and nothing else when I open the app and then click the link to open my app on my iphone. I’m using an iphone 6s and wondered if I could be advised on what to do.

What I’ve done so far:
1.The gyver app was deleted then reloaded from app store.
2. Login details put in correctly
3. Account accessible
4. My App wont load, just a spinning wheel to look at !

Feeling a bit sad because I really like using the package.

Can anyone help please.

Kind Regards


You probably have removed the default Hide spinner Flow function from Page mounted event of the initial Page. So add that back to the logic and the app should work. It’ll hide the initial Spinner that is shown by default during load in every app.

I hope this helps, but if the issue persists, please let me know and we’ll figure out what the issue could be.

Thank you very much
I appreciate the help!
Its just a small thing but it made a big difference