App now live :)

My business based around the app I have built is now live. So far its only approved in Playstore but iOS will follow in due course and webapp is working fine anyway.

If anyone makes it to Tenerife let me know and I can do you a special price.

It would be great for others to highlight what they have in production right through to delivery.


Congratulations on completing the app.

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Great concept!

Congratulations for the release!!
I am sure this is gonna be a success

What is the title of the app in the play store ?


Congrats! :partying_face: I’m reaching out with a PM about featuring this on our blog.

Hi Georges,

Thanks! You should post about your app also, you are many months ahead of me in this.

It’s not easy to find in playstore, as there is a very popular app with the same name, but here’s a link.

Loads to do still of course, I have plans for about a years more work lol.

Next up is getting it live on the apple Appstore.

Cheers, Phil

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Congrats! building an app to completion is no easy task. It looks great.


Hey guys.

May I suggest that we use this topic to post our apps?

What do you think?


@Leo_Sussuarana: Yes please. We all see different potential in Appgyver and can all take inspriation from other implementations.

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Looks great! I am curious about the functionality you use in your app. Is it “just” a couple of screens, any logic?

Hi @Lucas_Bonsel ,

I have around 15 pages with loads of logic and complexity. Unfortunately its not easy for anyone to see any of it. Its key functions are to guide someone to a location, counting down the distance to go. Once they are within a specified distance of the location they can move forward.

I then present a challenge / puzzle and they solve it. Then the score is given and we step on to the next puzzle, until reaching the end. Then there is a summary, directions to collect a prize and T-Shirt etc.

I’m using firestore for all the images and data throughout. I’ve designed it so that I can create new Adventure Hunts, add / change / remove clues etc all without touching the app, just from the back end.

But unless you are actually logged in and in the right location then you can’t get past the login screen. At some stage I might add a sample Adventure Hunt that isn’t location specific to showcase the app a little, but that will be several months away.

Before then I need to get it into the app store and make it multi lingual. I need to get my website completed too, and loads of marketing to do.


WOW! That sounds nice. I am still learning :slight_smile:

I like the idea of a front and backend app.

If you need help translating to Dutch I can help you with that, no problem!

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Your idea in the app is incredibly wonderful.

It reminds me of the time when I coordinated competitions between several teams here in Brasília, for what I called Treasure Hunt.

And you, in a way, did it with an app… Great show, really cool!

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Thanks, its been about a year getting to this point, initially considering other apps, then trying to work with a couple of existing companies. Appgyver has allowed me to build an app and most importantly for me, retain full control of design and implementation.

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Hello friends, news.

After some time learning AppGyver and with a lot of help from everyone here on the Forum, I finally published my first 2 Apps.

It’s actually the same application, built in two versions: one free and one paid.

Some differences between the two versions and certainly the paid version (Premium) has features that are not present in the free version.

I am very happy at the moment and I would like to share that happiness with all of you. It was only possible to get this far because I had the help of many members here on the forum and the AppGyver team.

It is a very simple application. It serves to help people pray the Rosary Prayer. There’s nothing too complex about it and absolutely all the functionality I needed, I got the support of this forum.

Immense gratitude to everyone who contributed in some way.

Here’s the link to the apps (for now only on the Play Store). The blue icon version is paid while the lighter icon version is free.