App performance in Android vs. iOS after build

Hi there, i’m bit confuses if someone could help explain why does my app work without problems on apple, totaly smoothly, while on Android is the complete oposite,
the application is slower to load, respond. Totally useless and frustrating user experience. Does anyone have any idea why this is so? The app is uploaded in google store…tnx

what is the Playstore link? did you test this on other devices? I haven’t had any such Issues with other applications.

Hi, Brenton, link - - yes i look on various android phones.

hmm, I don’t think it will work for you because the app is geo-targeted only in SLovenia and Croatia - but i can send you apk file.

Yep, not available on my device, likely due to the geolocation restriction. If you could create a link to the apk, that would be great.

Also, your app seems very beautifully designed. well done.

Right, it’s geographically restricted, but it looks very organized and beautiful, congratulations.

Here you go: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free, please have a look i hope you find the problem. tnx

On the first page (Home), for Apple devices it is more fluid, but it is true, it is slower for Android and especially if the version is less than 12.

In my case I observe that when I scroll on the HOME page, it generates a slowdown, pull, lag, it sticks, this is because the API is using it on several pages in its call, and on each canvas it is good to duplicate the database that instead of using it in some canvases (That happened to me with my App).

It is also good that instead of image component, replace them with empty component and background put the image better; so the user who has a low-end mobile, is more fluid.

You must see in all your canvases, including in the global canvas the “DATA VARIABLES” and control the call time or eliminate the logic of “DELAY”, because it also helps a lot to slow down the app.

In some sections the images make a call every 5 to 6 seconds as shown in this video (It is a call that spends a lot of resources both from the APIs (In case you have it with API) and from the client with its RAM (In case the images are saved in the client’s storage).

The so-called APIs, everything depends on the internet speed of each person, but if you see that you can optimize all the images at least 85% percent, it would be faster, since the appropriate images to make an API call is a weight no greater than 90KB.

In case you have in a single canvas more than 1 recycler component, it would not be good to have more than 1. But if you don’t use “Recycler Component”, it would be nice to have it on every page (Only 1 for each page and in case it’s a repeat list, the component will help you render and optimize the so-called API faster).

Hi Diagonal_Movil, u made my day!!! how can I buy you a cup of coffe? You find solution for me - i made 2 things - i eliminate the logic of DELAY on every page and the second the most efficient “instead of image component, replace them with empty component and background put the image better”. I am very happy now I got smoothness in Android app. Thanks a lot.

@Prezl_mb It was a pleasure to be able to help you, greetings.

Great work! I never received notifications for this topic, so I’m glad @Diagonal_Movil was able to help you! Again, great work on the app.

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