APP periodically freezes on splash screen

App splash screen freezes at times, reported issues from an S10 where app freezes on the splash screen. Sometimes the app has to be closed and reopened to start correctly. What could be the cause of this?

Check the splash screen logic. Are you calling an API when the splash screen mounted or any other task.

I have logic mounted on the welcome page right after the splash screen, could that be the reason.

This usually happens when the app is already open in the background and opened from the app menu on the phone.

I have the same problem. The app must be forced closed in order to start it again. This has been occurring on various version for some time now. A bit embarrassing having to explain this to your customers.

I am inquiring whether there was ever a solution to an app freezing on the splash screen. I am still getting this with my app in build 3.3.3 every time I attempt to run the app after it has already been run once. The app does not use API on the opening screen but does read local data. It also opens an authorization screen as the first screen. Other apps that do not have an authorization do not have the same issue.

Hmm sounds like your app is left into a weird state when it’s closed and opened again. It’s hard to say what it exactly is, as this depends a lot on the logic of your app. Since you say it has to do with authentication, I would recommend debugging that logic first – check at which part of that logic your app crashes/fails, if it fails similarly on web, etc. Use the debugger and debug log flow functions to log from each part of the authentication flow to find at which part something goes wrong.

Without debugging I can only suggest adding some delays to the logic and see if that helps. Sometimes some flow functions called before the page is “ready” can cause crashes.