App "Preview" hasn't been working for over a week!

Is anyone else having a problem with the App preview (mobile and desktop)? I haven’t been able to preview changes in days.

Hi @B_Ashe, there aren’t any known issues with the app preview right now. We have listed some of the most common reasons why your app might not open in preview here:

If that does not help, please make a bug ticket with your app’s ID (number sequence in project URL) in the Tracker so we can take a better look: Bug Reports | AppGyver

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@B_Ashe I’m also having issues with the preview both on my mobile and on the web since today. Most of the time it doesn’t load my app and throws a “network error, retry downloading the app” message, but sometimes it succeeds (without me changing anything to the app).

@Lucien_Tavano we have also noticed this flakiness with the preview just now, we’re investigating the root cause.

Thanks @Mari, seems fixed now! Thank you for your prompt action on this!

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Thanks so much! I read the information in the link and added the “Hide Spinner” node to the initial page. Everything is up and running for me now. Thanks again!

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Respected Friends,

My Appgyver preview app is not working since a month. I am using android version 4.2.12. It says “Critical error occured. Relaunch or quit”.

It is a humble request to help me out. Thank you in advance.