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I tried multiple times, but I am not able to Scan the QR Code for die SAP App Previewer. I always get the error message “Invalid or expired QR Code. Please try again”.

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Are you still experiencing this issue? The QR expires so make sure you create a new one by refreshing and clicking Reveal QR code.

Hi Cecilia,

yes, unfortunately refreshing does not do help.

I do not know if it is related but I also tried to use the PIN Code for Login. However, it never creates a PIN for me it just says “Your temporary PIN code is loading …” than “Error creating PIN code , please try again.”

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Hi, have you manage to overcome/solve the issue with preview app? I have similar problem on different android phones.

I’m having the same problem.
Show pin code gives “Error creating pin code”
Log in with URL gives “Invalid or expired QR code”
I’m using SAP AppGyver Preview on Android

Unfortunately, the problem still exists. I hope there will be a solution (update) soon.


I also ran into this problem using an old Android 7.x phone. I will try with another phone.

EDIT: Yes, works fine with another phone with Android 11 installed.

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I have iPhone 8 Plus and I am getting same error