App preview not working on web or app

Web preview and app preview both not working, only spinner rotating and not going any further. (app id 728442)

Please advise?

what happens exactly?

I get to this screen when clicking on “open app preview portal” and then clicking on on open and then just the circle spinning

On the appgyver preview app, scanning the QR code, I get to a similar screen as the 1st screen shot and then the same 'spinner" but no opening of the preview

if you have authentication, go that page and in the page layout check if you have the stop spinner
otherwise, go to navigation, see what page you have to open first and check in the page layout the same thing

I don’t have authentication enabled

and in the navigation pane, the “communication” page is the 1st page

have now added …“hide spinner” in the logic pane of the first slide, where there was nothing before

still the same issue, the app doesnt launch to preview, not on the web apps preview portal or scanning the QR code using the AppGyver preview app?

Ok, then, last try, go to all the pages in the layout and make sure its like this

not like this

you need to connect it in the mounted event

follow these steps
go in the page layout of all the pages and add this logic

then choose the mounted event

and then connect the hide spinner

thanks Dimos for your speedy replies, it looks like it is working for now and I’m able to preview!

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