App Preview not working

I am currently working with 2 Apps, both very similar in look, feel and operation, and when I try to preview either of the Apps, one will work and the other shows the little circle jsut spinning. This is very recent, as I have not changed anything and was using the App Preview one week ago. Please help, I am on kind of a time crunch.

I have the same problem. Since about lunch time UK time, my preview is not working…white screen with the little circle also spinning. I was also doing on very minor tweaks so 99% sure it wasn’t my doing!?

I am on 2.6.3.

Did u try to hide the spinner?

Thanks Munus. That wasn’t it for me but you reminded me of a small change I made that I know has been troublesome.
On my login page (initial view), I had switched my event to ‘Page Created’ from ‘Page Focused’ for my ‘get item from storage’ flow which drives my persisted user (stay logged in…) functionality. All of the docs I have read say the event should be ‘Page Created’ but I have had it as ‘Page Focused’ as it simply doesn’t work otherwise…and now it stops the app from opening?!

Switched it back and fine now.

No I haven’t changed anything that I can recall. My second App was “copied” from the one that doesn’t preview and it works fine.

I have the same issue. Have 2 apps. One loads fine in preview and the second does not.

With the latest runtime 2.6.3, it does not load via web preview (chrome browser) or the iPhone preview app. It does work via the preview app on the mac.

I opened a bug report here.

this is old, but any fixes?