App Preview Portal Hangs: No Errors, no preview

I’m just starting with Appgyver and am creating an app that for now is very similar to the “book” tutorial.
When I attempt “Open app preview portal”, I’m able to get to the next screen, I click “open”, but then appgyver shows that its loading, but nothing happens. There are no errors shown anywhere.

I’ve restarted my computer, and then attempted to simplify the app until I was down to nothing but a new, single tab showing stock information.

How do I go about de-bugging this?

The error that I’m getting is this:

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).

Hi! Sorry for the belated answer, are you still experiencing this? What error are you getting in your browser’s developer console?

This happens to me everytime I save an app while I have the web preview open. The app will start to reload, and then I get the error that was described by OP. I do not have any issues with the app reloading on my phone, just the web preview portal.
My browser goes to{my number}/{my app name}/

if I put page1.Page1 at the end I will wind up back where I expect to be.

That’s odd :thinking: Are you using Windows or MacOS or Linux? What version, and what browser?

I have de same problem, and I try with Safari and Chrome.

That’s worrying :disappointed_relieved: Are you using Windows, MacOS or Linux?

I am no longer having this problem. The problem appeared when I had improperly defined inputs flowing into user-input fields; I believe it was the Android date-picker and the existing text for a user input field.

I apologize for the delay in my response. I’m not getting emails or updates when there is a reply to a thread I started. I’ll attempt to remedy this.

@Mevi, It’s coming and going, happening again from time to time. I’ve experienced this at particular times throughout the day and it goes away after a couple of hours or the next day.

The message I get, though, when at times the spinner finally goes away, is about a “screens” component missing.