App preview portal issues: date pick not working and camera option as well :(

Hi, I’ve installed the pick date logic component and defined the logic for the date button. When I test the button tap action in APP PREVIEW PORTAL, nothing happens … no pop-up to select a date.

The same is the issue when I used the camera component to take a photo, in the web preview portal, when I click on the button Take a Pic, nothing happens … it isn’t accessing my laptop camera and it doesn’t even ask for permissions to allow or block.

Is this platform only to build/develop mobile apps?? or did I miss something in configuration (seemed pretty straight forward though).

Appreciate any kind of help. :pray:

Thank you,

Hi, most parts of Composer work same in web and native mobile apps, but you’ve encountered a couple of parts that are different.

Take photo Flow function doesn’t work on web in general. I’d suggest you to use Pick image from library or Pick files Flow functions to get the images from user.

Also, Pick date Flow function opens a native date picker which means it works only on mobile apps. For web you should use Date picker calendar (web) View component.

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Ok, got it. Thank you so much.

So, does that mean I need to have different apps for web users and mobile users?
Or one app with screens (every screen) one for web view and one for mobile view?

You can have the same app for all platforms and devices.

If you need/want to have different logic on different platforms you can use If condition Flow function to guide user to correct logic flow. In that you would use a Formula like systemVars.runtime == "web" to check the platform user is using.

That same Formula can also be used to define if certain UI component is visible in app or not. Just bind it to Visible property of that component under Advanced section of properties bar on right.

Also, when your designs evolve further you might want to have some differences between web and native apps. You can use systemVars.runtime in style properties as well.

I clearly understand now. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Does this mean that the “Take photo” doesn´t work on web App even when used in a mobile (cellphone)?

There is some “Time Picker (web)” ??? (Pick time doesn’t work in web view)