App Preview Portal Web and IOS mobile keep spinning

I am a new user of AppGyver just started my account yesterday. I don’t know if experimenting the first project such as deleting components, variables have anything to do with screwing up the preview portal. The web preview portal and the mobile preview portal are currently not working. Both just sat there spinning. I have tried to close out and restart without any luck. Does anyone else experience this problem? Does AppGyver have a solution?

Do you suspect a bug? Describe it here!

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Hey there, it’s probably caused by a page logic. Check if there’s a node called “Hide spinner”. Preview is working as it should be (apart of an Android one :slight_smile: )

Hi, Jaroslav_Krajca, I got fed up with it so I deleted the project and start a new one. With the new project I was able to use both the web preview portal and the mobile one. Thank you for replying.