App rejected by Apple for Ipad crash

Hi there,

My IOS app as been rejected by apple because it “crashed on launch on Ipad”.

I don’t have an Ipad, so I cannot run some tests on testflight.

I have no idea how to identify the error in the crashlog. I can’t even add identifiable symbol to the report as I cannot plug a device to xcode.

In relation to the recent crash problems with 2.10.2 on Android and IOS and Firebase authentication, I updated my flow functions (Initialize Firebase and Get Firebase device token) on my global canvas and the Android build is working and was successfully published to the Play Store.

Any idea on what the issue could be related to?

I need help to identify the cause, I have no clue.


I had that happen once, but the crash was a fluke occurence, so I just re-submitted a new build and it worked fine and they approved it.

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I’am facing same issue with IOS build , i submitted it 4 times already and they keep rejecting it and saying it crash on opening ! strange, @JOHN_WORSHAM , what was the steps you did to solve the issue?

Yep, it got rejected again for the same reason, app is crashing on launch on Ipad.

This is probably linked to the Firebase flow functions issue on IOS, issue that Appgyver team recognized in other threads and are working to fix.

Waiting for it! :pray:


Any update on the crash on iOS (and particularly on Ipad) ??
I really need to make my app available again to my customers!

Hi, @Georges_Rust @Ali_Abdelkader, the issue with should now have been fixed so you can try building your apps again. Remember to include the plist file in your build as well as to make all the Firebase configurations on the Data tab. :slight_smile: