App Rejected from app store

Hi all,

my app has just been rejected from the app store because of an invalid binary.

it works in testflight - but I submitted it for app review and received the following email:

We identified one or more issues with a recent submission for App Store review for your app, “Thumbs” 0.9.9 (0.9.9). Please correct the following issues, then upload again.

ITMS-90725: SDK Version Issue - This app was built with the iOS 13.2 SDK. All iOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 14 SDK or later, included in Xcode 12 or later.

Will you be able to resolve this issue asap?




This issue should now have been fixed, if you try rebuilding and resubmitting. Let me know if the issue persists! Sorry for the inconveniences :sweat:

I’m uploading via transporter as we speak - I’ll let you know if the issue is resolved.


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Hey Cecilia,

just fyi the issue is resolved and my app is now approved!!!


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