"App restricted. Cannot capture screenshot." Android APK issue

A new APK export of my app is throwing up this error toast when trying to take a screenshot. I never disabled this ability, so why is this happening?


I am seeing the same thing. Its damn annoying. Create a bug in tracker and I will vote on it. I would expect a fix this side of Christmas 2030.

I’m getting something in the lines of “screenshot not allowed due to ‘security policies’” or something.

I presumed that was something added by Google Play Store because after filling out declarations about data encryption, etc. Is this happening in iOS too?

I will tell you in a couple of days, I´m doing an iOS update soon.

For sure its something AG related - not every app is restricted in this way. AG have simply made a default decision for every app rather than ask the question on the build config settings.

Glad to hear we are not the only ones experiencing this new default setting. I can’t even see how we would turn it off when setting the app permissions in the build service. We use these Android APKs in production workflows for a client and screenshots are a necessity for parts of their workflows. It’s quite a severe issue for us. How do I create a bug in the tracker?

Good luck. Post the link to it and I will upvote it.

@Kirill_Leventcov can you chase this along?

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I have voted on it too.

2030? You’re among the optimists here.

I can still do screenshots in iOS.

So its not a deliberate decision to not allow this, just a lack of planning and care.

Hi. I’m facing the same problem. I don’t know if it only applies to an app installed directly form the apk or if also applies to an app installed from play store. Can you clarify this?


AppGyver don´t even realise they have done this. Its just an oversight from poor (or non existent?) QA processes.

:frowning_face: In my case it’s really important to have the capability of taking screenshots. Also I need a new version in order to comply Google api 33. Now I’m stuck!!!

Appgyver team, please fix that !!! :pray:

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Scroll back through posts to find the last time something like this was actually fixed, to help set your expectations.

Since it doesn´t work and isn´t likely to in the near future, maybe add a button to capture the info you need from the screenshot? Its far from ideal, but at least that is within your control.

Thanks Phil for the advise. It’s really impossible for me to do that. There are dinamic pages, with images, etc. and cannot implement what you suggest.
Only hope appgyver team solve it.

Please vote on the issue: Native Android APK screenshot ability disabled in new runtime | Voters | AppGyver Community Edition

Yes please. I left some clues on the bug report. @timo.kapanen @Mevi someone, maybe it’s just a change in runtime configuration…

Upon further investigation, the problem is only in Android and has to do with a parameter of the window when it is created.





Android developer resource:

and here the discuss on React:

Hi Appgyver Team, no news for this?


Start re-building in Flutterflow. It will be quicker than the fix from AG. Its what I am doing. Its a shame, but we need to accept reality that they are no longer actively fixing things.


I agree. I am contemplating the same.

Can you pls share your experience with the learning curve shifting from Appgyver to Flutter-Flow?
Any thing to keep in keep in mind?