App slows down with images on screen

My app showcases catalogue of products and has an image alongside every item, total of 130ish on the page. Every image is approx 10-20kb with dimensions ~ 120*100. Without images, the app behaves normally. But once the images have been added, it slows down to an extreme level. It takes 5-10 seconds just to change even a page variable.

Hi, rendering 130 images at once will surely slow down performance. I would suggest using the Recycler view component from the marketplace so that just the images that are currently on screen will be rendered.

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Already on the recycler view. Anything else that you think will help? All operations (with images on screen) are very slow.

Are you just straight up displaying the images from URLs or is there some logic (visibility formulas etc) related to how they are being shown? If not, it’s surprising that it’s slow even with Recycler view present. You could make a bug report about this in the tracker so our QA team can take a look at the app: