App starting, in which order are Data variables read (REST)

Hi, when starting the app, in which order are various data sources (REST) read? Or are the Global canvas and front page processed in parallel maybe?

In this app, Global canvas has one data source and the front page has three data sources retrieving data (collections of data records). It seem that the front page is partially shown before all the data is loaded. What is the best (correct) way to show a splash screen etc before the front page is shown? I played around setting app variables such as “downloadDone” but that does not work as expected. Data is coming from Amazon AWS and dynamically created (Lambda-functions) so the time to get the data also depends on the code in the AWS.

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

I would love a definitive answer to this also.

Setup a true/false variable for each request, mark each as true when one of the requests are done, and run a loop pretty frequently (20ms?) checking to see if everything is complete before you move along.

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There’s no definite way that this would always run, but usually the Global canvas app launch event happens before any others. I would delay the “hide spinner” flow function on the front page until after the data is loaded or show spinners everywhere on the front page where data is missing, if that’s possible (that gives a more dynamic feel usually).