App Store listing screenshots - how do you do it?


I am struggling with the screenshots needed for listing the app on Apple’s store. I can’t upload the build in Xcode’s simulator because of the extensions (also tried turning the .ipa into .app, still doesn’t work). I have tried through TestFlight, but I don’t have access to all the display sizes I need.
I have also tried resizing the screenshots, but they look stretched.

I was wondering how the rest of you are doing this.


The trick is not to resize the screenshots but the canvas size, or the area around the screenshot. As long as the overall image dimensions are correct thats all that matters.

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Can you not just open the webapp in chrome and use dev tools to set the preview screen size and then take a screen shot from there? - forgive me if this is completely in the wrong ballpark.

Chrome DevTools: Capture full sized screenshots without a browser extension

  1. Type in screenshot into the Command Menu (shortcut: Cmd + Shift + P)
  2. Select Capture full size screenshot. This captures the entire page, including what is outside of the visible viewport.
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No Apple wants to see the app as it looks on the actual device. I use this online tool to do that:


Does it matter if the model is different, for example can I use an iPhone screenshot for an iPad?

You cannot use an iPhone screenshot for iPad. Apple wants to be convinced that you really did test the app on iPad

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I usually go with screenshot from Chrome with corresponding height and width to what they require for that given device. Never had any issues with this being a reject reason.