App Store Submission - iPhone only?

I’m preparing my app for App Store submission, and just noticed that the AppGyver build includes iPad, however I only want the app to be used on Phones.

Is there a way to change the device family to iPhone only?

I could be wrong but i think Apple requires all iPhone apps to be usable on iPads as well since they both use ios as their underlying operating system.

thanks John. However, I know that there is an option to change the UIDeviceFamily in an app’s plist file to iPhones, and not iPad devices. I wish to only have 1 selected, not 2 which is currently the case:

Hi! As far as I know, this isn’t currently possible, but you could post a feature request about it!

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Sounds good. Not a big deal, I made a few iPad screenshots in any case!

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I have created a feature request for iPhone Only: iPhone Only | Voters | AppGyver

I really needed this feature today. Now I have to attempt to generate iPad screenshots for an iPhone only app before I can submit it to the App Store. :frowning_face: