App title displayed in brower / tab

Hi there- I’m not able to find where to change this. Currently when I open the app, the site name that shows up in the browser is the original working title I gave the app. I have since renamed the app but it still shows the old name. Is there somewhere else I should be updating it?

Hi there!

It seems this is indeed a bug. I filed a report about it here

Thanks for spotting this and sorry for the inconvenience!

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Do you have any sense of the priority/timeline for making this fix? I initially titled my app “Fake Gather” as a joke – the idea was inspired by an existing app called Gather – and now that I’m sharing it around a bit I’m keenly aware that this kind of seems like copyright infringement and I might get in a lot of trouble for being unable to change the title :upside_down_face:

What would you want the title to be changed to? I’ll see if we can have it changed via our admin interface.

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“Tile Explorer” would work great. Thank you so much.

Updated the title, try building the app again!

You’re the best, thank you @Harri_Sarsa! New build is much more shareable now :grin:

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