App tracking in background


Very new here, but I have searched and can’t find an answer.

I’m working on an app that will use the accelerometer to provide alerts if the phone is within certain limits.

Crucially, this has to work when the app is closed and run in the background.

Assuming I gain user permissions, will an app created on AppGyver be able to check accelerometer readings and provide alerts when the app I create is closed.



Running logic in the background like that is currently not supported – there’s several considerations such as OS-imposed restrictions on what logic can be run that need to be taken into account. Created as a starting point!

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HI - many thanks for this response. Very helpful!

Similiar problem…

How do you be able to programm your own extensions or such features? Do i need to work for Appgyver then?
Or how long do such features take time?

I have faith in this platform, the future of no-code is here, however, AppGyver team have to open the platform for innovators so that we can code our own extensions and not depend on the bottleneck caused by the size of AppGyver team

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Wholeheartedly agree – we’re laying down the infra for as we speak, hope to have something in the coming weeks.


Any update on this yet?