App variable not set after QR scan, how to?

When the QR scanner is triggered from a button flow, I store the output of port 1 and port 3 to the same app variable (qrData).
on the screen are also two cards to display the port outputs.
I run the code on a Samsung M51 phone. The scanner screen opens and waits till I show a QR code to the camera.
Unfortunately, the value of the app variable qrData and the value of the cards on the screen does not change after returning to the page from the scan image. The app variable is still empty. (tried also to use a page variable with the same result)
I have debugged the code, run the scan several times but the scanner screen doesn’t return any value. (picture below)
“Code type to recognize” property of the scanner is set to “qr”. Any help will be appreciated. Regards, Bahri.
(the app ID is 222054)

Debug result:

HI. Yep I managed to do it but i used data variable instead of app variable.

Can you try removing the Set App Variable and replace it with Set Data Variable? If you are unable then I can try help from there. Thank

HI Michael.
can you explain to me how did you do it? I didn’t succeed.
Basically, in my APP I need that with 1 “scan” I can read the database on 2 API (2 different databases) to see the price of 2 suppliers of the same product. Can you help me ? Thank you. I can be grateful to you.

This works fine for me with a page variable…I imagine an app variable would also work as well.

I can try help you but i am a beginner myself :rofl: :rofl:

In my record properties:-

I have bind the data in the Object with properties

Hi Michael.
Hello Michael. My fault. I skipped filling in the “assigned value” part of the variable. I used the app variable to get the value read. It works now. Thanks for the return.