App variable update not propagated

Hi, I have the use case that I regularily update the access token for bearer authentication in the global canvas and use that token to fetch data in on different pages. This is how I fetch data on my list page to get a collection of data entries:

This is the way I access the token inside the get record collection flow
Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-07 um 11.24.38

Now, the problem is that whenever the token gets updated from the global canvas, the “get record collection” flow still uses the initial token and not the updated one. Even if I add an additional event receiver flow that listens to the token change and triggers the “get record collection” flow, it still uses the old value. So I assume the change to the global app variable is not propagated properly to other pages. Do I need to do something in order to make the propagation work or is this a bug?

can you share an image where you set the app variable in the global page ?

Where the assigned value of “set app variable” is this formula:

outputs["PARSE REFRESH TOKEN RESPONSE"].data.access_token

i remember i had the same problem in the past, i would suggest you put a toast in the end of your logic and see if the logic works successfully, if not i think threes a problem populating the variable in the global canvas

If I do this the toast shows me the old token. So it seems like the set app variable flow is not overwriting the previous value.

Wow, I just deleted the connection between the “get data” flow and the “parse refresh token response flow” and reconnected it and all of a sudden it is working.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts @Dimos_Vamvourellis