App variables gone

Hey guys I don’t seem to have access to the system variables anymore like current user.
I created a field to display the current user and it works, but the config behind it is blank now. Not sure what happened. Thoughts?

This field actually shows my name when I preview the app:

What’s the app ID in question? We could take a look to see what the binding looks like internally. How does your variables tab look – did you change the name of the app variable by chance?

App id: 200078

I’m just trying to use the basic current user variable, i may have deleted it unintentionally if possible but I don’t recall doing so…?

That would explain it – can you see currentUser under app variables in the variables configurator?

No I do not :(. is there a way to get them back without rebuilding?

The Revert button next to the save lets you roll back changes, but there’s currently no way to roll back just a specific change, so you do need to rebuild it… you could roll back to a way earlier one, see what the schema was and then roll back the rollback to return to your latest version so you can at least see the schema (though for currentUser, it’s the same for a new app you enable auth for).

Ok no worries I can rebuild the app, its relatively simple. Thanks Harri, appreciate your help.