App with SQL connection (REST api?)

I want to make an app for my dairy farm to improve the management of the cows.
I have made an mysql database for all the information about the cows. But now I am stuck with connecting my app to the sql-database. If I understand correctly, I have to make this connection with REST-api links? How do I create secure api links? I have tried looking it up but it seems very difficult?

Hi, what sql-database do you mean ? Is it cloud or on premise? You can’t connect directly to sql-database with appgyver REST-api direct integration. You have to have REST-api service between your sql-database and appgyver.

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Ok, so eventually, I coded my own crud rest api in php and uploaded them on my server. So you need a couple things: database, server and php code for rest api.
With a day’s time, some basic coding experience and a couple youtube-tutorials anyone can figure this out.