App working fine in preview app but issue in build app

Here is my app flows

Its working fine as intended (text changes to ‘working’ when the button is tap) in preview app but it does nothing when the button is tap in build app. Is something wrong with SET/GET Item Logic ?

Does it throw an error or anything? Are you able to watch the process in the debugger?

Nope it doesnt show any error. Which debugger are you talking about?

I must be slow today…you def can’t use the debugger on a published application.

The only thing I can think to do would be to throw a bunch of Toast messages up after each step to try and see the raw output. That isn’t ideal for a production app, but it might lead you in the correct direction. I would guess that if you aren’t at the very least getting that Success message then your problem would be on the Set item to storage step.

Is this happening on both iOS and Android?

Thanks buddy let me try that, but I think the problem is with the SET ITEM block. I only tried it on Android.

Hi @Longdichum_Sangtam,

Could you please move this issue to ? With your app ID we can take a direct look and assist you further.