AppGyver and Pyxian (Offline Web App)?

I’ve recently been playing around with Pyxian, which is a “backend” to run web apps on boot on a Raspberry Pi. I was hoping to find a good app builder to help build interfaces for it, and AppGyver seemed like a good fit, but I’m wondering now if AppGyver apps are just not designed to work offline, or if I’m doing something wrong.

I have a web app I’m designing with AppGyver that works great when previewing or distributing to, but doesn’t work at all when viewing offline using the downloaded ZIP, either with Pyxian or just Chrome on a PC. I assume this is because there are backend “server-side” things that are needed for things to work right? The Pi needs to work offline, so piping it a hosted webpage is not really a workaround. Am I missing something, or is this beyond what AppGyver can do? If so, are there any “web app” creation tools which don’t need the backend stuff?

Thanks for the help!

Was suggested to me to just stick lighttpd on the Pi and point Pyxian to it, which works great. Problem solved!

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