[Appgyver app build service] A permalink to download a web-app build zip file?

When I build a web app using the Appguver app build service a notification email is sent out when the build has finished.

When the status is delivered the web-app zip file can be downloaded. [And this may require a login to the appgyver.platform.com. ]

However I’d like to automate the download and the distribution of a web-app zip file.
Is there a way to obtain a permalink to a web-app zip file ?

You could try to set uo an automatic delete and uploading using sole middleware application, but this isnt available in the community edition. I have a tutorial on using make.com below, but i wouldnt know where to start with this. You could try a trigger for the email being received, then an upload of the file to a given location, but again i dont know how or if thats possible.

I´m pretty sure you could do this with zapier. Parse the notification email to get the link, etc.

You can do this free with pipedream parse email component.

Thanks for all replies.

Long story short: a web-app ZIP file is stored in some AWS S3 bucket; The S3 bucket access credentials are generated by the appgyver build platform and the current download mechanism defaults to a save to a local file.

Thus, as the appgyver platform no longer offers the intrinsic and seamless webapp hosting facility, a permalink to a webapp file in the S3 bucket would be welcome (@Kirill_Leventcov );

Longer read:
What I wanted to do is to deploy a ZIP file to an external hosting service on-the-fly…Pretty much to mimic the appgyver hosting user experience we used to have but this time with any 3rd party hosting service.

Thus I decided to use a private github repository as an affordable and confidential cloud storage for appgyver ZIP files. Why github repo? This is because github offers automation APIs to manage private repositories.

  • as no permalink, one still needs to download ZIP files to local disk
  • next, one needs to upload these files to a private github repo
  • from then on one can deploy ZIP files to a hosting service on-the-fly