AppGyver capabilities for social media

Hi! I’m a hobbyist developer who knows a lot of html, css, and Javascript, but lately I’ve been enjoying, since to me, it’s very streamlined and easy to bring your ideas to life with. However, it’s not the most cost effective. If you want more than 200 items in your database, you need to pay $30 a month, and that’s only for 10 gigs of storage. And of course with Bubble, you can’t export and host on your own server, so you’re locked into that model. Which, that’s fair, they need to make money, but I need money in my pocket, lol.

So I decided to try AppGyver, I love how you can export your app and that it’s free. But I’m wondering what all AppGyver can do. Does it support functions of social networks like allowing the users of your app to create content? Does it support many custom data types (like Bubble)? And feel free to add anything else you think I should know, I haven’t tried it at all yet.