Appgyver/Cardova help: Absolute Beginner

Hey guys :smiley:
Having built a full fledged e-com app and a realtime tracker, I would consider myself an intermediate AppGyver user. However, as we all know, appgyver lacks many important features :frowning:

Cardavo… what?
I’ve been seeing posts about people suggesting that, this framwork called Cardavo has been helping them reverse engineer appgyver apps, enabling them to add more features and even make the app lighter
The best part, it looks like the whole process costs less than 5 minutes. This got me intrigued. I was as dumb as I was excited :slight_smile:

I just don’t know where to start. I saw a couple of tutorials, but they were just a fog of words to me!!

I would be forever thankful if someone explained this dumb beginner, what and how to use Cardova on AppGyver

PS: I have a considerable amount of technical knowledge. So feel free to not explain basic stuff.

Thanks :))


One of the Two guides I will study and follow when ready:

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