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First, I would like to say that I’m a big fan of AppGyver. I have told many people about it and I am very excited of the future of the platform. However, I am starting to feel like the community is not only not a priority, but also it is actively ignored. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that the business has a priority of satisfying their investors, etc. but I hope the people that work and popularise your platform still matter?

For me, this feeling is mainly on the lack of communication about how things are going inside the company. The main features in your roadmap have not been updated for months, and some of us are putting projects on hold because we want to use AppGyver, but also need additional features (that have been promised in the past). I am not going to stop being excited about AppGyver any time soon, but really a monthly update, or some form of regular communication or regular update about your roadmap would go a long way building this community.



Hi @martin.spamerski,

I am a relatively new user on here but that does seem to be what’s going on here, except for the folks on here who have been great about responding like @Mevi .

I don’t know if you know much about who their parent company is, but SAP is not known for their community building and communication. So the culture that AppGyver joined is not the best one, which is incredibly ironic given that they work closely with Apple and have for years.

I understand why this is happening though. As a company, you’re offering a powerful software tool 100% gratis, so from a corporate perspective, there really isn’t any obvious tangible motivation, which is where the problem is. There is actual motivation but it takes a whole lot of work to realize the gains. If you manage to grow this community to where it could get to and get it to critical mass, AppGyver could get new attention from SAP and potentially get more resources from them. I also think that this is not the simplest game for SAP to play. Appgyver is no-code and SAP actually considered its entire suite of products to be no or low code already. And that’s in fact how SAP became the global behemoth that it became. Their software is just not known out in the wild for being no and low code because it really isn’t. It’s not, which is why I believe that SAP acquiring AppGyver makes a whole lot of sense in the long run from a strategic perspective…for SAP.

I think that you are right on the money when you say that AppGyver should be more active here though. If they’re a lot more active, people will see that and response positively to that. It would also be a unique perk of being a user since the vast majority of any of these platforms don’t have that kind of involvement from their staff.

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My thoughts exactly. I love AppGyver and have invested a lot of time into learning and getting proficient. Prior to SAP, support and community seemed to be a priority. But that has evaporated. I’ve been patient, I expected the SAP deal to understandably add a whole bunch of delays, complications and changes of priority, but I had hoped things would have returned to normal by now.

I’ve been waiting months (actually years) for the React Plugin support and, worryingly, updates on it’s progress have stopped since SAP).

I suspect SAP wanted the geniuses behind AppGyver more than they wanted AppGyver itself.

I will continue to be optimistic and patient, but I think our concerns should be heard.


@brfan2049 interesting point about SAP. It is understandable if they focus on their internal priorities and use of AppGyver, rather than community building. Maybe this is where the value of AppGyver is… However, this is where we ask the question - why keeping the community at all if that’s the case?

@jonrichings - totally get it - the react plugin is crucial for sooo many people. It wouldn’t hurt if someone just write a comment at least once a month saying - “We didn’t have much progress last month” or “We did work and it is much closer, maybe another couple of months”. There are hundreds of people waiting for some of those high priority features.

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Community Manager, if you scan the forums here……

People are going to leave if you guys don’t provide updates here on the significant elements.

I have been looking for a developer to make a plug-in.

I CANNOT FIND ANY because NO ONE USES THIS PLATFORM. Every time I reach out to a freelance platform to find any of these developers, NONE EXIST now.

It’s time for AppGyver to read the writing on the wall. If you don’t grow and engage your users, your business here will erode then decline if it hasn’t already. SAP will not care. They will shut you down and you will be out of a job.

This isn’t meant as an affront. I want AppGyver to be here for many years to come. But it won’t if it stays the way it has so far. It’s up to all of you at AppGyver to step up.

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This is what I’m talking about.

You just demonstrated the communication that we’re frequently talking about on this forum.

  1. You ignored the original problem and I’m not the only person wanting this plug-in and asking for updates about it’s development

  2. Didn’t say what this new “universal design system” is.

Frankly, you guys are just too slow and now I’ve found another platform that better suits my app’s needs, so I don’t have a reason to look up this new development that you neglected to describe, opting to link to another source.

I think the big problem here is that you guys don’t charge to publish apps. You guys need a revenue stream there. Free is amazing and all that, but if it means not having almost any support and better features, I’d MUCH rather pay the small subscription cost that you guys might charge.

Best of luck

Hey dude,

why so much hate from your heart

peace and love man

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I can understand his frustration.
He is not alone.

The product is free, but time is not.
He joined a month ago and AG had a chance to grab him as a developer. And failed.
And this may happen more than you realize. There’s plenty of other tools out there to try.

After initially trying AG before the acquisition, I then checked out draftbit. And got TOTALLY frustrated because I invested time to use it (regardless of price) and their tutorials were outdated and broke. I got so frustrated just trying to get the 1st two tutorials done that I shot off some emails to the ceo and blasted him. I was wasting my time and how many others were too - who didn’t write to him and just moved to another tool.

Older folk here will remember the old days of “yellow pages” and only the business owner will remember how much monthly dollars he was paying for a display ad in the phone book. This was how people found your business and made the phone ring.
So when an employee sluffed off a phone call, or didn’t get correct info (like writing the phone # incorrectly) the owner WHO PAID THE PHONE BILL was pissed. The adage was “it costs a lot of money to make that phone ring”. (Divide the monthly phone bill, which could be $500+ by the # of incoming sales calls)

The opportunities out there for people to adopt your tool are not endless.
Imagine if SAP had “success managers” whose job was to really make new adopters of your tool successful. Not a commissioned salesman. Not a guy who was trying to drive sales to professional services. But a team who was dedicated to helping new adopters. Novel idea eh? What would be the yearly cost of that for each person? 50k? 75k? Work from home. I mean they didn’t buy AG for nothing. What’s another 1/4 million over the next 2 years.

Anyway. The big vacuum of info/support is one issue. As was stated by the OP and responders. Hope something improves in 2022.

Although I agree with the lack of official activity in the community, let’s remember two things:

  1. There’s a small team of startup people working in the background. The number of newcomers increased rapidly this year. It is hard to catch up with all the questions. Acquisition probably made things even harder since there’s a big transition in the background.
  2. We can’t expect all the questions answered by the official team. Communities are about end-users helping each other. Most of the questions on the forum are about basic development stuff, not about the tool itself exactly.

I’m hopeful that things will get better. The tool will get better. Their team will surely grow. Just have to be patient.

Saying AppGyver doesn’t care about the community is simply not right. The first thing they did after the acquisition was to make the tool free for everyone. There are examples of companies that abandoned their community completely after an acquisition. So let’s not be harsh.


well, thats stretching it a bit. It was already free for companies with revenue (or sales, don’t know the wording) under $10mil. BEFORE SAP was involved.

This is exactly the issue that made me start this topic. It is not about the cost alone, it is about the time and effort.

Very appreciative of AG team’s work, but it is important for the community to know where everything is going. If AG wants to focus on their enterprise business, that’s great - please tell us that you won’t put as much effort as before on the “free” part of your solution, so we won’t expect it.

If AG want to build a community however, an up-to-date roadmap and some sort of regular update is critical. We don’t expect the team to answer each and every question, but we want to know that the effort of learning AG or time waiting for the functions we need won’t be in vain. This won’t take more than 2-3 of days work per month for your community manager.

I understand your points about the lack of communication, however, I do have some really good experience with AppGyver team members. Also, I have created a Slack in order to get this community a bit active, please, feel free to join HERE.

Hi everyone, AppGyver founder (and now team lead) Marko here.

I hear your frustration, but you can rest assured that we are more committed to this community and pushing our product forward than ever before. We’ve recently shipped certain really major features that may not seem much yet, but over time you will see how big a difference they make. Particularly the new theming system, and what it will allow in terms of an open component marketplace and more.

We are going to continue to invest into the community, and as you have seen, we try to answer questions as quickly as possible. We’ve also been innovating on our our automation test systems, beta user program and many other concepts that help to improve the overall stability.

We have many great features in the pipeline. I ask for your patience and trust in us. In a few months time you will see what we were working on, and hopefully agree it was worth it.




Hey Marko, thank you for your participation in the forum after a year. :slight_smile: It will definitely give people some hope, that you are working hard and we all appreciate it.

Just an idea, but is it possible to somehow visualize your roadmap and share it with the community? I understand, that not everything can be shared, however, it would calm people down if they could see some dashboard and know what you are working on, even with crazy delays, it would still feel, like we can see what is happening behind the doors.

I would say, I am pretty active on the forum and almost every day I can see that people are uncertain what’s going on with AppGyver. I know you have just a few people active on the forum and it can be exhausting as it’s not their primary job, so the above could ease them too.

Also, if there is something I can do from my side to help you out, please, send me a PM :slight_smile:

Hi, sure – here’s our recently published public roadmap. It doesn’t of course include everything we’re working on, but it has certain key topics.


In addition to this, there are certain key topics originally planned for Q4/2021 that we’re trying to get out of the door as soon as possible. Special mention for the 3rd party react native plugin extensions. It’s already in internal testing but requires some love before it can be rolled out. Also some other goodies that have to do with creation and consumption of larger complex components.


Thanks for the update and keeping us in the loop.

It would be tremendously beneficial to me and the community if you would share an update every month similar to how the CEO of provides a detailed update to the entire community on the 1st of every month. See his format. Very useful. The community loves it because it keeps up in the loop and builds our confidence and loyalty. Everyone wants to know whats happening and when things might happen. We want to see progress. We want to share in the successes and failures. We want to be part of something great. (Example of bubble monthly update: Monthly Community Update -- December 2021 - Announcements - Bubble Forum)

I’ve been on the fence about building with appgyver mostly because of the lack of transparency, updates from leadership, and lack of insights as to what the future of appgyver holds for us.

Please consider trying a monthly update for a few months and see the response. I believe people will love it even if the update is short. We want to hear from you and the team!

Thank you!


This is great feedback. I will start doing regular updates and sharing more.


Thanks for the update, Marko! I am looking forward to seeing what’s coming next for AG and how this community develops. I see so much potential in AG and really hope you manage to grow and maintain the community!

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