AppGyver Community Edition Announcement

@Sam_Engstrom Could you please help to write a link for accessing AppGyver Community Edition on SAP Build Apps landscape?

I can access via above embedded link but I need the actual link for that, thanks.

Let´s not go down the path of pretending this was planned. There´s no comment on this feature request, its not marked as planned, delivered or anything.

Also, the fact that its now different in Android and iOS won´t please anyone.

Its a bug, they are just treating us like fools and hoping we will believe they planned it. If it was planned there would have been documentation and release notes to say it was coming. I doubt we will find those.

Consider that one single enterprise customer requesting, via e-mail to SAP support, that screenshots be disabled (or that specific security protocols be enforced) neatly explains the reckless change of configuration in the builds that prevent screenshots. The fastest way to deliver would indeed be to hardwire the change even before building a toggle option for it. That’s the sloppy startup-way of doing things. Startups fight for survival and move fast with low resources, often burning cash. Most don’t have the resources to plan and execute neatly.

I find that hypothesis more likely than the one in which they simply accidentally disable screenshots for no reason and decide to keep it that way and make up some story to “treat us like fools” and justify the bug. Don’t you agree, @Phil_Evans ? If necessary for technical reasons, wouldn’t you prioritize an enterprise customer and their unique needs regardless of the fact that free-tier users find a change in the build service slightly inconvenient?

This post is really just out curiosity to see if you can realize the strong negative bias in the statements you have been making. Why? Maybe feeling wronged and finding reasons to be angry makes it easier for you to decide and mobilize the resources and encouragement to rebuild? After all, if you were right, it would definitely mean that the only way forward was the way you already chose and never another one.

Thanks Sam,
It is very much appriciated that we can continue to use a community version. and
Yes, we can build the APK again on this platform.
But we can no longer user older runtime versions als the new runtime version has some critical bugs.
For example the DropDownField is no longer working in the apk.
Also in the builder on this new platform, the component :Set Data variable" seems to behave strage. I can select the properties “Data variable name” and “Data” anymore.

Hi @Sam_Engstrom, thanks for the migration instructions. Everything is working fine.
Maybe it doesn’t belong here, but one thing is annoying: very short session expiration in the online designer (Safari) and even more in the SAP Build Apps preview (I can’t take it with me :dotted_line_face: ).
Have a nice day

Thank you @Sam_Engstrom for coming onboard!

I am happy to know about the New Community Edition.
Just reading about it here and will definitely try it soon…

Only one request from my end…
Please do enable screenshot and screenshare in android builds…
(As @Bruno_Oliveira observed, it remains an issue even in 4.9.84)

This is TRULY important for many apps. A few use cases include:

  1. Client Setup and giving demo over Google Meet. (Screen share is not working).
  2. Providing remote support to a client for onboarding and support.
  3. Capture screenshot by clients of bugs occurring on their devices.

Below are my current terrible workarounds:

  1. Instead of giving demo on client devices (I give it on my device - for which I have directly installed APK built with an earlier build version 4.7.36 - which doesnt have this bug - but Playstore wont accept)
  2. Walk thru verbally - Or if client is willing reset password and setup on my app to resolve issue)
  3. Not possible. Unless they use another device to take a photo/ video of the issue.

As you can see, this is not sustainable for my business.

Also as @Ramiro_Gonzalez mentioned - different policies for Android and iOS would not make sense for anyone.

This is ONE VERY QUICK WIN that you can make to immediately restore some faith back in the community.

Here is the bug listed:

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Can’t find the Logout Button on the New Community edition. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

How short of an expiration time are you experiencing? It is configured to be one hour which is the maximum in our infrastructure.

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The logout button is missing, you are right. We are working on it.

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We realize that taking screenshots is important and what was surmised on the forum is true, disabling screenshots is equally important especially in enterprise contexts. On the other hand we also have customers impacted by the inability to take screenshots, so it’s not like we are exhibiting favouritism here. Since we do not yet have a way to configure this, we have decided to default on the safer, more secure side. While I cannot give out any dates, we are looking for a solution. cc @Bruno_Oliveira @Phil_Evans @Ramiro_Gonzalez

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@Sam_Engstrom , android notification icons are missing again, always displaying a gray square where the icon should go in the android system tray notification. That is an old bug that was fixed over a year ago and is now back. Could you check it out? Here is the latest bug ticket on the tracker:


@Sam_Engstrom , I can’t find any release notes for the new runtime versions. Do you have them so we can track or be more or less aware of what is being changed on each? If so, please share the link. I saw that runtime version 4.9.92 is now available.

I found a SAP build apps changelog but that apparently isn’t being updated either.

In the previous version (before the migration), it was possible to start the preview (login) of the SAP AppGyver application via QR code (now only via PIN code). Back then it seems to me that the expiration was not very limited. And so I could take it with me and test the app outdoors. Now I don’t leave the house. :confused:

Thank you @Sam_Engstrom for your response.
Appreciate you taking time out to engage on the forum.

I look forward to the solution.

Hi @Sam_Engstrom,

For the new Community Edition is there any information available on licensing model etc?
I’ve been confused with some of the statements around the old Community Edition and the Build Apps version (paid vs. free trial with 2x deployments as mentioned earlier in the thread).


Thank you for this announcement, we’re glad SAP is continuing to provide a free service that is immensely helpful to people looking to start up their projects.

  • Surely a lot of people would prefer to wait until the iOS export is ready. Any ETA on that? Please update us when possible
  • Are there new features released at that time on the New Community Edition? Such as gestures, swipes?

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I’m happy to announce that iOS builds are now available! That being said, we have noticed intermittent failures with the builds and are working on making them more reliable. I would encourage you to be patient and to retry if a build doesn’t succeed at first. Cc @Ramiro_Gonzalez


As far as pricing is concerned, the new version of the Community Edition is the same as before. It’s free to use and builds are not limited.

Compared with SAP Build Apps (free or paid plans), some features are not there though. Notably our no-code backend offering and integrations to SAP BTP are only available on SAP Build Apps.

The free plan in SAP Build Apps is intended for evaluation purposes and limits an app to two builds.


Thank you Sam. I’ll try asap (and give feedback :wink:).

I continue to pray for your willingness to find a solution that satisfies everyone regarding screenshots on Android