Appgyver Community Project

Hey all, this is a unique request! I see a lot of forums around, some of which do not have answers and I think there is a strong community out there and we can help make the Appgyver teams life a bit easier. I think getting more invovled is a start, so I wanted to ask if pepople out there think it would be a cool idea to create an app as a group?

Yes this would be difficult, but since we have people from many different backgrounds with different abilities, it could be fun. My thought was if we could get a decent size group of people we could brainstorm a problem and a solution together. Then we could have someone start to build the app and pass the Appgyver file back and forth so each member could import, make their contributions, and pass on to the next person. I know there isn’t a contribution or shared document like with Google docs or Figma, but I think with the right forum/communication/group we could pass the files back-and-forth and contribute together.


Hey, good initiative. I am not 100% sure what would be a good medium for this, but surely an app can do that as well. You can count on me for sure to try my best to help people out there.

One very important thing is to really be able to distinguish the requests that are simply people who don’t read any of the documentation and just try to skip the “hard part” of learning.

Just ping me with any questions and let’s make this Community thrive again (similar to what SAP is doing on the Build Apps community).

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Great initiative.
I’ve identified a problem in this community (many clueless users - like me in the beginning - asking the same questions again and again, maybe because the doc is too technical for us non tech people?) and thought of a solution.
But I’ve been hesitant as I’ve been busy, I was not seeing myself work hard alone for free for the good of the community and I have been disappointed by SAP as of late to be honest.
I’ve even discussed this idea internally with SAP in December as it involves the Legal department.
In a nutshell, I thought of an AI assisted “chatbot” that has learned and understood the entire content of this forum and the documentation. To make it really helpful, prompts must be auto-suggested. Prompts design is the #1 AI pain point right now.
Last month, a similar product was released for Bubble: Bubble Buddy I Solve Bubble Issues I Goodspeed
If a few good souls in the community are involved and we brainstorm well, we can do better than that and I know SAP Build App is totally capable, provided it remains stable.

@Fred_Kuzyk and @Mihaly_Toth thanks for replying! I like Freds idea (i thiught of something much less techncial myself as i used chatgpt to help me with appgyver questions and it gave me outdated information).

I think that’s a great idea and it could be very valuable. I just don’t know how we would begin getting the information together to catalog it.

GPT-4 + plugin bundle is connected to the internet. This would be quite helpful for reading the entire forum.
For cataloging the documentation, I feel we should manually sort the content and keep only what’s good. Then shall we save that content in a properly indexed document in firebase? Or we ask GPT to read the online document pages which we selected?

I think we could do that. I honestly love this idea, but I am curious how many people we think may use it? I get a bit nervous at times as I see the forum activity is pretty low and I dont know how to reach people here.

Also, one other idea came to my mind. Reading through the SAP Community and this new “Challenge” they have during April. We could be having challenges here as well. The downside of these challenges here is that I struggle to come up with some proper motivation or “badge” or anything here.

I mean, I’d be glad to prepare and validate some entries, but couldn’t devote all my time to it for sure.

The challenge I refer to is this one:


I think that could be fun, but agree with the motivation part. Im sure we could find a way to motivate people with some form of an incentive. What types of challenges did you have in mind, and do you think we could work with Appgyver to get a forum topic for this?

100% sure that we could get at least a “pinned” forum topic.

Well, we could basically just copy their SAP challenges, but also some other ideas.
Lining out some problems and see different solutions for those. For example a “chat component” or a “rest api endpoint to sendgrid” that can be shared to the data resources marketplace. Some of these can be also good topics for youtube tutorials, keep grinding your channel, you’re doing a great job! :pray:

Thanks for keeping up the conversation.
No worries about the number of users. If the tool is useful/helpful, users will embrace it.
We can always ask the staff to make a general “AppGyver” announcement for everyone to see it.
All this provided the tool is not commercial, since we don’t have ownership of the forum’s content.

I’m building the last complexe leg of an ambitious project, namely a payment solution enabled by an e-wallet and I’d welcome a little break from it and work on another fun, side project.

I know Mihaly timezone, what’s yours, in America?

Love the idea but I don’t see people having time for this and engaging in this forum. It would work in a more dynamic community.
I personally don’t have another extra time for a “fun challenge”. But hey feel free to run it. I know I can’t participate.

Im in ETC, UTC−04:00

Im open to either, I just need a break from the mindless builds I have been working on.

I’ve subscribed to GPT-4 and joined the waitlist for accessing chatGPT-4 plugins.
We’re aiming for the browser plugin.
I’ll share my API token to you both in a DM when plugin access is unlocked.
Meanwhile maybe we can start building a basic input / output page which we will upgrade with more advanced Curl request body. I believe we must run the GPT4 API server side for obv security reasons.
I’m thinking of Xano (since I’m familiar with it), unless you guys propose a better alternative?

I havent used xano perosnally so you will need to bare with me on the learning curve. So is the plan to use gpt to auto search a few preselected urls and return the best advice/article for the users query?

GPT could crawl through the topics that are tagged as ‘solved’ or as ‘community guide’.
The format of the response is up to us… or the user. It could be bullet points or a summary or the full post of interest. , etc…along with the url of the source.

Check this Xano tuto about using GPT Build a Backend using the OpenAI (GPT-3) API - YouTube

Have you used GPT heavily yet? Just curious of the experience level of everyone involved (mine is minimal)

Not heavily, but enough to have created a working JS function that fully replaces a Firestore cloud function.
And enough to be able to point you to the right literature about prompt engineering without risk of wasting time. Check DM.

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I’m Brazilian and I agree with this beautiful idea. Any news can contact me, I want to add to this team.

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Ola Pedro,
Obrigado for the proposal. Let me revert to you over the weekend. We’ve brainstormed with the initial members but welcome any idea and brainpower that add value to this bona fide community project.

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ChatGPT is cool and the API is fun to use. Here is my conversational vertical ChatGPT app developed with AppGyver… (android only)

including all settings