Appgyver Creators for Hire

Threads like this have been posted before but keep getting lost so I’ll re-post another one here. My hope is to have this type of thread Pinned one day! I have been contacted by a few people recently wanting to inquire about hiring me to help with their projects, and I have seen quite a few more openly ask for anyone they could hire to help with their apps, so I feel a thread like this is necessary.

There are a lot of talented people in this community who have been working with Appgyver for quite a while and have become very proficient - if not expert - with developing & publishing apps on this platform.

For many new users there is a learning curve involved, which takes time and patience, and for just as many, your projects may be time-sensitive and you need to “get it done” quickly but you don’t have the complete “know-how” (yet) to go about turning your project or idea into a finished product. You may need help and may be willing to pay someone for that help.

So to this end I would like to encourage any Creators here (myself included) that are available and wanting some extra $work to post their availability, and maybe what particular areas you are most proficient at, No need to be up front with your hourly/daily/whatever rates or what-not if you would rather discuss that privately, but at least put your name and a way to contact you out here for people to see.

For example, Myself, I am Available and experienced for over a year and a half using Appgyver with 4 apps published (2 contracted) (+1 more coming soon!) and primarily work with Firebase and Airtable as my back-ends. My rates would vary depending on your project (would i be assisting with an already-started project or building from ground-up?) which we can discuss by private message here or email:

For any other Creators that would like to post their availability to make themselves available for extra $work just post your contact info here, or somewhere, so the people who need you in this community can find you!



:pray: John, great initiative

yes, I am also for hire. My stack is Appgyver and Xano. You can contact me through my website

Thank you and best regards,


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Great Initiative @JOHN_WORSHAM
Also available

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I very much agree with John. He helped me a lot, considering I am a beginner…right now I am looking for someone who can help me publish my app to apple store. It is already in google play store, thanks to John. you can contact me at:

Hi Prajwal, how do I contact you (email/phone)

Kr, Chris