AppGyver - DB relations and workflows?


I’m learning AppGyver in order to learn how to make mobile apps. I have a little experience in no-code ( for 6 months).

Right now I’m wondering which 3rd party tools should I use for:
a) backend logic
b) database

I know that i can use for that but for backend/database purposes it’s pretty slow.
For now i’m aware that i can use Firestore as DataBase but what with backend logic?

I’m aware that it’s low-level noob question but it’s my second experience with no-code and previously i had only experience with bubble which has all essential tools inside (i didn’t have to wonder what use to backend logic and what use to database).

I’m not developing anything “for the release” - I’m just learning creating stuff for myself so I hope that such soultions won’t have huge pricing.

Hi, Appgyver is powerful for the front, you just have to connect it to a backend like Firebase, Xano, Airtable, …