Appgyver deep linking? Definitely maybe

Presently I am building an inventory app for personal use and have become enamored with implementing deep linking without paying a third party.

I am in a phase of reskilling and most of this is new to me. If I misrepresent or misidentify something please help me learn, Thank you in advance.

The end goal is for my app users to scan a QR code or get a URL link to open in app content.

However there is precious little info on how to even get the SAP branded preview app to load the desired application preview from a URL event or just pass parameters along so it has taken me some time to get to this point.

To test the idea I’ve had to repeatedly build the application and install it on a phone to circumvent the preview app black hole.

Using the receive event set to “App brought to foreground via URL” on the global canvas and a QR Code reader on the device.

The URL is formatted like this “YourAppURL://link?Id=24c6aae1” matching the URL scheme set in the build and with a short UUID as the reference for the desired content and to avoid transmitting objectIds.


Input? will be the “path”
Id= is the “params”
and the UUID becomes the content.
Still gaining URL literacy so if anyone knows of a fast way to get up to speed on URL formatting please point me in that direction.

Once scanned an app variable of the type any input is used to hold the the output of the triggered “App brought to foreground via URL” event. (This is likely unnecessary now.)
I setup an app variable with the below formatting to make the now cached response usable.

Here are the logic and settings in their current format to show that the object has been set to the app variable.

To confirm that the UUID is usable at this point I had the app load a page with a text field to display the UUID.

Finally the short UUID and user-token is used in a REST API call to request the linked data from a Backendless API I built and displayed in a webview component.

Thank you for reading.


Thank you for providing this! It is really hard to find some useful information on URL scheme in AppGyver.

Could you gibt some more info on how exactly you defined the scheme in the build settings? How did you define that your URL contains path and param?

When I set it up I get an empty object in the event “App brought to front via URL”

can you please post the formula you used to get the path and param from the event app brought to foreground via url? and can you please post what you enter as your url scheme in appgyver? nowhere does appgyver tell us what we need to enter there