Appgyver Developer for small project

Hi, I am looking for a developer to build an app using Appgyver. I have started on it using Appgyver and Xano but need someone to complete the idea and publish it. Thanks

HI @Srikanth_Chari

I have sent you PM,

with the details please check and let me know


Hello @Srikanth_Chari

The app is a single or multi page app?
How complex it would be and how soon you plan to launch it?
Are you planning to build for iOS and Android?

I will send you a PM with these questions and some others so I can understand better how I can help you, I will also send a demo from a app I developed using Appgyver and Xano.

Best regards

Joseph Rezende

Please do send the demo of the app you have built. My email is srikanth.chari at