AppGyver for building web browser apps

Hi everyone AppGyver is great for mobile, but is it possible to build applications that work in the web browser? I don’t mean a stretched mobile app, but a version build specifically to work on a PC web browser.
Has anyone had experience of doing this? Would anyone care to show some examples?

Yes but in my opinion you want to build specifically and separately for web, not the “web version” that is created from the mobile version, otherwise it would as you say - appear “stretched out”.

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@JOHN_WORSHAM Thanks John. To clarify - you would create a separate AppGyver project for the web browser version?
Presume we could use libraries like Bootstrap?

Thats exactly what I would do. Because for one thing, there are some View components that work in mobile but wont work in Web, and vice versa, so it really needs to be its own separate project.

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I think if you try to create a single UI that works for both, what you will end up with is a lesser compromise between both, that wont be as appealing.

Yes I get that. We’re using Xano as a backend and in our most recent project we built our front-end in JavaScript, which offers us complete flexibility. However, I want to explore low-code in the front-end and was wondering what flexibility a developer would have building a front end in AppGyer. I’d love to see some real life examples.

Ive published a few apps for our church(, and also recently a contracted app for a transportation company (

Ive used primarily Firebase and Airtable for back ends.

What drew me into Appgyver last year was we needed to be able to build for both Android and iOS, and it needed to be Free! Ive found that for most everything ive needed to do that this platform can do it all. It has some limitations, particularly with native functionality, but if you dont need to get too deep into device specific features then it does the job well.

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Now to clarify - I have not yet created any web-specific apps. That is my next project!


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I created some web specific apps and I would fully support what @JOHN_WORSHAM was writing. The project should be web specific as many flow functions do not work on web (or some only on web).
As you can install the web app as static html+javascript application on your server, its also nice for app which handle confidential data.

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Thanks Johannes. Do you have any examples that you would be willing to show? I want to see what is possible in this context. Thanks!

you can get an impression here:


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hey that’s great, thank you. If I may ask, what did you use for the back-end?

We connect this to our corporate backends with REST APIs. AppGyver is used to build additional backoffice frontends quickly.

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I use different pages for Web and Mobile and redirect the user at the app launch, because of the styling/component differences