AppGyver for Cross Platform Desktop Application?

Hi, I am browsing the web looking for a product that will fit my needs. I am developing a dog sports trial secretarial software. this has to be desktop because dog sports are usually held in locations with no internet access. I develop on my MacBook, and I need something that will run on both Mac and Windows.

I currently have an application developed in Filemaker, but Filemaker has a lot of things I don’t like about it. I’ve looked at Xojo but it seems it’s very difficult to make the user interface look nice and to customize it.

I probably need a database, though I’m not sure if there is an alternative. I was a programmer before I retired from work, and this is a project I do at home in my spare time. My user base is very, very small. If I can sell 100 copies at $200 each that would be a lot of sales.

I’d love to hear if AppGyver is something I could use. Thanks.

Sorry for taking a long time to respond! Currently, there’s no native support for Windows apps (though there is for macOS apps) and while you can use client-side data in web too (saving records to browser localstorage), we haven’t spent effort on making web apps work completely offline.

Windows app support is upcoming, but no timeline for it yet!