AppGyver for MVP Invoicing App?

Hi, Just joined the forum and am new to Appgyver, and it looks amazing. I was hoping there is a marketplace where someone has something similar to this brief outline:

Invoicing app for mobile for a one person business who bills by time, and material by lineal meter, sq. meter, etc. For now it will be MVP with core features like create/edit client file; 3 forms: invoice/estimate/delivery docket (using the same basic form but with slight title changes and a place for client signature). It will output forms to PDF. The invoice line items will be free form description (no inventory) Has anyone done something similar to this with Appgyver and do you think it is a good fit for an accounting app?

I am an experienced web designer, but the low or no-coder model appeals to me. Appgyver looks to be up to the task, so all I need is a little bit of help.

I looked around, but could not find guides on scoping app projects, but I know how it will work. Any ideas, assistance are most welcome. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Michael_and_Jeanne, were you able to finish this app build?
I am looking for something along the same lines.

I think this is possible, and based on my experience it may be useful to utilize a few additional resources. I would recomend looking into and craftmypdf as you could use these to automate email sending and the creation of pdfs (including invoices) respectively.

For the app I think it is possible, though there are obvious points you need to address around security which I could not help with. What comes to mind for me as an MVP is an app I made recently which has a boards page. This page is one where if you repurpose it you can make a board which could be the account, then the details in that page are invoices and pages. To be honest its a bit of a stretch, but with some work I think it could spark some ideas. In the video below a user creates a board by typing a name, the board has 10 or so text fields each with an image. The users can post to update each of the fields.

Video: How To Make A Social App For Free - Making Chat Boards Part 1 - YouTube