Appgyver - France

:wave: Bonjour tout le monde

Cela fait un moment que je découvre Appgyver et je trouve l’outil extrêmement puissant comparé à pas mal d’outils No code que j’ai utilisé auparavant.

Comme je vis en France (en région Bretagne pour les plus curieux :wink:), je me disais que l’on pourrait utiliser ce post pour faire connaissance, échanger ou s’entraider entre francophones qui utilisent Appgyver.

Et pourquoi pas créer une véritable communauté (si il y a du monde bien évidemment :sweat_smile:) pour faire mieux connaître cet outil génial.

Alors pour les intéresser, n’hésitez pas à répondre :point_down:

It's been a while since I discover AppGyver and I find the extremely powerful tool compared to a lot of tools no code that I used before. As I live in France (in the region Brittany for the most curious 😉), I thought that one could use this post to get to know each other, exchange or help each other between Francophones who use Appgyver. And why not create a real community (if there are many of the world of course 😅) to get to know this awesome tool better. So to interest them, do not hesitate to answer 👇

Hey Bertrand, I’m also from France and interested, however shouldn’t english be the exclusive language on this forum ? The community is only growing but still small, it’s probably better for appgyver. Unless admins would create channels dedicated to countries discussions, as it exists on other forums I believe.

But anyway, open to share and discuss

Have a nice day

Hi Julian,
It’s clear, English is more convenient on this forum and IT resources in general. I wrote “mutual aid” but especially I wondered if there were French-speaking users and potentially exchange.

I am freelance with company on product no code as airtable, Integromat and GlideApp. I spend a lot of time on AppGyver to reach a sufficient level to offer applications to my clients.
To my knowledge, there is no maker who proposes AppGyver in France.

Looking forward to exchange

Have a nice day too

Hello, I am also a French developer discovering Appgyver. I am very positively surprised with the quality of the product, coming from a traditional developer background. I would be happy to discuss and trade tips.

For instance, my next goal is to connect Appgyver and Supabase for my app.


Hello, to test I connected Airtable, xano and firebase but I did not know Supabase but it looks cool. It looks like Xano interface and their free plan seems more interesting.
Do you build an application to test or to deliver a customer?