AppGyver group study - any feedback?

Hi everyone!

I’d like to learn AppGyver, but it’s hard to keep pushing myself. So I’d like to organize a group study where I can hold accountable and meet various people with similar interests. Here is my curriculum:

Can you please provide feedback on how it is organized, the videos in the curriculum, etc? Any feedback will be appreciated.


this is a nice proposal.
I am interested to join as a participant if enough people are coming together and the language is not Chinese :face_with_monocle:

$regs Ray

Of course, it won’t be in Chinese. I can’t speak it because i’m from Korea :smiley:

I’d like to start this but I’m now struggling to find people to join. Can you help me do it? Do you have any idea which community I should post this on?


I would join … What skill level do you need to be at to keep up with the group?

I would join . I am a newbie

I also would join. This is all new to me.

im just getting started myself… im kinda stuck on the data tutorial… i got 80% of it done, but I can’t get the first module to give me credit. I’m positive i’ve been following the tutorial video to a T - I suspect this may be a bug/glitch.

Olá, você pode divulgar no grupo Youtube Comunidade Sem Codar
Renato Asse está iniciando uma comunidade AppGyver aqui no Brasil, ele já é o maior instrutor de e agora será o maior também em Appgyver.