Appgyver Hub Project

Hi, everyone, im so happy to announce that our new project, Appgyver Hub Beta, is live NOW.

How many times have you felt that one thing missing is an organized place for Appgyver creators but also for users that want to find a mentor and get more inspiration. So that’s exactly why we created Appgyver Hub

Appgyver Hub, is a web app platform created by our team at Your App Website, which aims to become The place for Appgyver users, to show their Work like a portfolio, but also, to display/advertise their developer and teacher services for Appgyver, so they can be chosen by potential scouters.

You can find Appgyver Hub here:
Appgyver Hub

Of course, this is still in beta, so please don’t criticize it too much :sweat_smile:.
We aim, to bring more functionality as time goes by, so if you don’t like the idea now, maybe you will in the future, be sure to stick around!

We will be so happy, to see you and your projects listed in Appgyver Hub!
See you around….


If you have any Ideas,
you can send us a message here

Any feedback is appreciated!

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Great idea!
I need a mentor/teacher for specific questions.
Can I find one there now?

Currently, as you will see there are not many developers, but as time goes by more developers will catchup !
You can take a look

Yes I saw the content.
Who can answer my question during a 1h live session? At what rate? Anyone available now?

You can search the contact information on each developer profile and get in touch.
Because, Appgyver Hub is just a place for developers to get more attention, Appgyver Hub is not affiliated with the developers in any way.

Sure. I see 4 or 5 peeps listed there, including you. Not sure who I should contact.
One info missing is the timeline of each expert - or did I miss that detail?

That’s true, that could be a great option, but we give the option for the developers to add their calendly Url, so you can schedule a meeting based on their availability.
Thanks for the feedback!

Calendar is great indeed.
But the TZ info should be right there, next to name (and location) in my humble opinion.

Oh, you were talking about the time zone, Yeah, thats indeed a great idea, it will be added in the coming version.

Sorry typo - made possible by iPhone keyboard auto correction :sweat_smile:

Oh you should invite @Steve_Stava to join the hub.

Of course he’s welcomed, we’d love to have people like him on our platform!

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Can’t sign up. It says invalid email format.

Trying to use my Gmail.


I love it my friend. And I signed up and added my project. Just one thing we need to improve the mobile layout my friend, but I am sure that is in the plans. I would also like to talk to you about the video-ad server I am building so appgyver developers can monetize their apps the same way the commercial developers do. :pray:

Hi, can send me a personal message to help you with that issue?

Hi there, Im so happy to hear that, i have to admit, i really liked your Project, well done!

Mobile compatibility, is one of our top priorities. For now, the best experience is on pc.

As ive told you in the past, that idea sounds very interesting, you can send me a private message :blush:

I really want to thank each one of you For helping the Appgyver Hub community grow,
I invite all appgyver users to take a look in Appgyver Hub
I think, there is a place for everyone, Developers and non!

As for some features that are coming.

  1. Mobile compatibility
  2. Profile and Project sharing, (Appgyver Bug in page parameters when auth is active)
  3. Language options in profile info (Appgyver Bug in the selection component works in preview not in built version)
  4. Likes and comments for Projects
  5. Profile & Project Views and More analytics

Let me know if you have any more Ideas!
See you around :wink:

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This is a great idea, and we hope to see more AppGyver builders adding their projects here :muscle:t4:
Maybe this would interest @JOHN_WORSHAM @YakovTran @paul and some others who create client apps.