Appgyver is so slow it is no longer usable


It has been a month, and the situation has only got worse. Composer became so slow for me, I can barely do some modifications on my apps.

My apps are big, more than one hundred pages, I know. But I had no trouble over the past year.

Now it became unbearable:

  • I have to wait 30 seconds after each click so that the component I clicked on is selected.
  • I have to wait sometimes 4 actual minutes to save a page.
  • I get “failed to save” errors if I do more than 5 changes to my page.
  • I even tried every web browser : Chrome tab crashes every 5 minutes, Firefox doesn’t crash but is super slow, safari crashes, Opera is the fastest but crashes all the time too.
  • Appgyver tab is draining up to 1.5go from my RAM.
  • Same on several computers.

I am the only one? Has anybody witness poor performance for the last month or so?
Is composer worst than before at handling big projects ?

I need to continue working on the apps I built without any hurdle in the past. This has to get better.
I wanted the team to be aware of this.



On some pages, it gets very slow for selecting components. Saving isn’t slow for me, neither is changing properties.
I would like to know why this is happening.

My app is only 2 pages. Everytime I launch it to test, one of my page is very slow to load. The image loads first, but the components take a while. Does anyone know the cause?

My application has only 6 screens and in each one of them I load two images that I edited in Photoshop to have a reduced size while maintaining a good quality.

I also don’t use AppGyver’s default button. Instead, I created my own buttons which are ultimately also PNG images loaded into the project.

In the entire app I have about 44 small PNG images which are the various buttons I mentioned above.

I also have uploading 7 more audio files with 30 minutes each plus another 7 PDF files with 5 pages each.

These audio files and PDF files are not loaded all at once.

At application runtime, the user chooses which pair of files (PDF + MP3) he will use and only the two files (PDF + MP3) that were chosen are loaded.

I don’t know if this number of images I use in my app could be affecting the platform’s performance.

I believe it’s not affecting it because at runtime the application runs very well.

The problem is even in editing time within Composer. There are times when it’s just horrible to try to make a simple change. The delay seems endless at times.

I’m in the same situation as you guys, not knowing why it’s been so slow to work with AppGyver.

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I would try to incorporate dynamic pages. Im new here but 100 page appgyver app sound like alot. I wonder the average.

Same here. It is becoming slow.

Weirdly enough, I just changed my laptop to a high spec one. Simply one of the most powerful a consumer can have today.

And AppGyver is A LOT slower with this laptop. No matter what browser I’m using.

Now I’m beginning to really wonder what’s the cause…

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I think it’s time for the team to turn their attention to this problem.

When there are few cases and few occurrences, it can even be something very specific and happens on the users’ side and not necessarily a problem on the platform.

But what we are seeing is that cases and occurrences are increasing and becoming more common.

I think it would be the case for the team to start paying attention more carefully.

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Same here. Have to wait two minutes after each click.

As for opening the built app, that’s incredibly slow too, even with a fast phone… The app is text only.

Can someone of the team look into my case?

I cannot work. I have a business that depends on 2 apps done with appgyver.

Each time it is slower.

Now I spend hours just to do a few minors changes to my app. Literally… HOURS

I have to restart my browser all the time in order to get a 1 minute window in which the performance are almost normal. After one minute the tab drains so much RAM from my computer that I have to wait 3 minutes between each click.

Also I cannot preview my apps, they are not loading.

What is going on? What is the cause? What to do?

How is that possible that I created those apps without trouble and now I can’t use appgyver anymore??

Please help


Hey @Georges_Rust and others –

First of all apologies for the delay in addressing this problem. Performance issues are most commonly caused by large project sizes and using complex formulas that take time to evaluate, especially in combination with the rendering logic of components (visibilities).

If your app is slow without apparent reason, please help us find the root causes of this by making a ticket in the tracker at with your app details. This way your report reaches the right people in our team, who can help with performance issues. You’ll also be able to follow the progress of the ticket you’ve made. :slight_smile:

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@Mari and others,

The slow performance doesn’t seem to be about the number of pages but in particular editing procedures. For me, editing logic canvas with say 30-40 flow functions is becoming very difficult. Typing into variables as well. As a workaround, I type in a notepad and paste, which takes the time of typing only one character. If I type directly into a string variable in composer pro each character might take up to 5 seconds to show up. This is an old issue, not new, and seems to change behavior throughout the day.

However, this much is new: I hadn’t experienced repeated composer crashes until yesterday and today it just happened more than 10 times, something I never experienced before in about 1 year building a relatively simple application. It now says “composer pro has crashed” often. If I click on a logic flow function it is crashing right now.

It doesn’t seem that this is limited to some resource-demanding apps. My app is simple, an MVP, and I too have been enduring this problem. What used to be simple tasks performed with no problem are now becoming difficult, unfortunately.

PS: After composer pro just crashed persistently and repeatedly over 10 more times, I made an interesting finding:if the flow functions are connected, it crashes upon an attempt to edit. If I disconnect them, I can edit freely. Next I will try connecting after I’m done editing. But I hope @Harri_Sarsa, @Mari or another one of AppGyver’s resourceful team members can address this soon.

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Hi @Bruno_Oliveira, do you already have a Tracker ticket for the issue that you’re experiencing with the flow functions? If not, please make one, describe the issue (and solution) and include your app ID in the ticket. This way we’ll be able to get to the bottom of the issue. Thank you!

Ok, @Mari , I will. Thank you!
I worked around the persistent “composer crash” problem that was happening in a specific logic canvas of one particular button, and it didn’t reoccur.

As for the speed of operation with composer, it’s gotten better the last few days and seems like a temporary overload thing because it changes from time to time.

Anyway, thank you for being there for us and for providing a great platform.

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I’m having the same problem where sometimes it takes a minute to react and even longer to save.

After doing some research and looking at different scanning software, I realized that perhaps my Windows OS needs to be scanned and repaired. There are lots of scanners and scammers out there so I only felt comfortable with Microsoft since my old pc is Windows 7. So I found the following and tried it and Whao!!! Problem seems to be gone. My PC is alive!!!

Good luck!