AppGyver keeps making API requests

Hi there,

In creating an app with AppGyver, I noticed that after adding an API data connector, it looks like AppGyver keeps making requests to the GET endpoint every second or so. I found this out in Preview mode, while looking at the Network tab in Chrome dev tools. Indeed if you look at the timeline graph, it does not stop. I removed all the visual elements from the app to ensure nothing was triggering it, and the behavior persisted. Stranger still, the API requires an API key as a query param, but even though provided as a default in the connector, it makes these requests without the param.

This does not seem to affect normal usage of the API linked to an event such as button press or input field onChange - these still hit the API with the key param and other parameters as expected (so I see 1 correct GET request and continual other incorrect hits to the API).

Is this a known issue? Is it expected? Seems like a bug personally as there’s no good reason to do this, at the very least, it can very quickly max out an API’s rate limit.

Thanks for reading. Any help is appreciated.

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This is part of the default polling/data fetching logic that comes when you add a data variable. To edit this, select the data variable via the Variable editor, then click the “Add logic” bar at the bottom. You’ll see the default logic that includes a polling loop, and can edit it to your liking.


Thanks a bunch for the super quick & helpful response! Much appreciated.

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