Appgyver logic capabilites conerns

Hello AppGyver community!

I’m really excited to find out about AppGyver and I am really looking forward to diving into it.

Before that, however, I’ve got some concerns regarding what I can do with AppGyver’s backend logic and how well it can replace traditional coding practices.

Are there any particular resources to find out more about this? I’ve got 1-2 MPV projects in mind that would be probably be easily coded but I’m a nocode tools user.

And one more thing about hosting and deployment. Is there a section where I can manage this stuff inside AppGyver ? Any documentation maybe ? I’d like to host the application in my own servers.

The questions may be trivial but I thought to make a start here in the forums. I hope after some time I gain enough experience to help other beginners like me in the future.

Keep it up !

Hi there

Have you already seen the onboarding videos on Logic and flow functions here?

I don’t know if you have some particular concerns, but on a general level Composer has: flow functions, events and formulas, which do form quite a solid basis for creating different types of logic.

As to the hosting and deployment, you will be able to get a web build from the build service.
The web build can be downloaded as a zip and then be hosted in a variety of static hosting services, should you want that beyond the default AppGyver hosting. Some more details here under ‘Web builds’

Hope this helps!


The first resource totally covered me. It seems like it will accommodate my needs at the moment.

About hosting, I have some second thoughts about updates. It seems more straightforward if I deploy to AppGyver’s cloud to make changes. Otherwise, I’d have to download/upload the entire web app when hosted elsewhere.

Thank you for the insights!